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Part-time Scale Operator

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Posted: 03/08/2023

POSITION TITLE:  Scale Operator
DEPARTMENT:  Solid Waste Management District
STATUS:  Part-time            FLSA STATUS:  Non-Exempt
DATE REVISED:  November 2015
Incumbent serves as the Scale Operator, responsible for operation and management of the scale house and scales at the Bartholomew County Landfill. General hours of work include 10 hours per day, two days per week and willingness to assist with additional hours as needed, recommend one Saturday per month.
1. Responsible for the inspection and origin certification of all loads of refuse entering the site. Inspection to ensure proper tarping of loads upon entry, the absence of any special waste, the absence of unsafe wastes, and origin of the waste within Bartholomew County. Responsible for daily random inspections report to be submitted to Director and Contractor.
2. Responsible for weighing and recordkeeping of all vehicles entering the landfill carrying over 200 lbs. of refuse to determine the quantity of their load and to provide for proper billing.
3. Directs all small loads (under 200 lbs.) to unload at the small load area or will also be weighed for recordkeeping purposes. Larger loads to be weighed for recordkeeping purposes before proceeding to the small load area or to the back (working face) of the landfill.
4. Documents all previously authorized special waste (Director approved) disposals.
5. Maintains an inventory of the numbers and types of vehicles using the landfill site for all loads over 200 pounds.
6. Maintains an account system for businesses who are frequent landfill users by weighing to provide recordkeeping for billing purposes.
7. Responsible to maintain a Cash Management System for all cash users and responsible for the balance of the account.
8. Required to deposit monies received in a previously established night depository daily at the end of the shift.
9. Responsible for directing all loads to the appropriate general unloading area (small load area, reuse/recycling, or working face) as appropriate.
10. Assist the landfill operating contractor in enforcing safety regulations (speed limits, safe vehicle operation).
11. Assist as needed in additional duties as necessary to provide for the safe, efficient operation of the scale house and scales.
A high school diploma or equivalent is required with experience in data entry, bookkeeping, and basic office software.
Ability to tactfully and responsively work with the general public and the ability to work in harmony with other employees and supervisors.
Must pass a routine drug screening test.
Willing to work additional hours as needed to assist with PTO (Paid Time Off) Leave of Full-time employees.
Policy and guidance is provided by the Operations Manager and Director as per the District Board of Directors.
More hours as required by PTO Leave, one Saturday per month and potential for up to 1,140 hrs./year.
Paid Leave Benefits
Submit application by Wednesday, March 22nd interviews ongoing as applications received. Applications available at