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Nail Technician

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Posted: 07/06/2023

Blondie’s Salon & Spa exists to be the most recognized, highly rated, and well-educated team, so that we can become the most prestigious salon, spa, and medspa in South Central Indiana.
At Blondie’s, we elevate and inspire the community of Columbus and beauty professionals as a whole, through our educated, fun, highly connected team where we radiate feelings of confidence, inclusivity, positivity and overall wellness to our guests. 
  • Committed to consistent ongoing education & eager to share their knowledge with others – has an appetite for learning and understands there is always something more to discover. Seeks to teach their clients something new so they leave feeling confident and inspired.
  • Growth-minded – tries to see the opportunity in the setbacks, understands that it takes consistent effort to achieve results, sets goals and works towards them daily, values progress over perfection, maintains a positive attitude and is open to constructive feedback.
  • Quest for Excellence – seeks to be the best & most recognized at their specialty, driven, focused on providing excellent service always, professional, passionately promotes themselves and the Blondie’s team. Consistently evaluates how we are doing, identifies ways to improve and then takes action to create improvement.
  • Inclusive – values & respects others, welcoming, friendly, and kind. Makes people feel safe and cared for. Open-minded and empathetic. 
  • Responsibility – to our guests, our team, our community and the environment. Committed to acting with integrity and being a force for good in our community.
  • Exceptional Communication – speaks well of others and Blondie’s. Seeks to understand by listening first. Speaks with confidence and clarity. 
  • Positive & Joyful – maintains a fun and upbeat vibe, radiates positive energy and seeks to bring joy to each day. Celebrates co-workers and looks for ways to uplift & applaud others. Strives to make Blondie’s a great place to work.
Benefits: paid vacation time after one year of employment, flexible schedule, incentives & bonuses monthly, and continuing education provided.
Key Responsibility Areas:
  • Guest Experience
    • Full and complete consultation using our perfect consultation framework to build trust with your guest.
    • Provide education to the guest regarding products and services that would be beneficial to them. Create a treatment plan.
    • Document guest notes, products used and products or services recommended. 
    • Ask guests to return 
    • Participate in guest relationship building activities, such as follow-up phone calls, thank you cards, holiday gifts, etc.
    • Use Blondie’s systems to ensure excellent customer service.
  • Goal Setting & Tracking
    • Attend one on one coaching sessions monthly.
    • Submit a coaching reflection form to your coach 1 week prior to each coaching session.
    • Track your progress daily.
    • Do your part to ensure that the team hits their group goals.
  • Continued Education
    • Attend all paid education offered by Blondie’s.
    • Seek additional educational opportunities to push you forward.
    • Use downtime to refresh product & ingredient knowledge – always be learning.
    • Look for opportunities to learn from your peers.
  • Cleanliness
    • Make sure all tools & implements are clean and sanitized.
    • Restock supplies used for services.
    • Participate in laundry duties. Take all laundry to the laundry room daily. 
    • Ensure that your work area is clean, neat and clutter-free
    • Always leave your work area ready for the next guest before taking a break or leaving for the day. 
    • Participate in keeping our common areas neat and tidy.
  • Marketing
    • All team members are expected to have active social media profiles for their business. 
    • Photos of your desired specialty and well-written captions should be shared a minimum of twice per week. 
    • Team members who are still building clientele are expected to participate in business-building opportunities and events provided by Blondie’s.
Skills Required:
  • Confident and comfortable speaking with guests, and making product & service recommendations.
  • Problem solver
  • Professional
  • Adept at building strong guest relationships
  • Ability to keep a schedule and stay on-time
  • Seeks opportunities to WOW guests
  • Great communicator with spa team and front desk team