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New Senior Care Software

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February 23, 2018
Eperture LLC, a Columbus, IN based company, working with a technology firm, Inverse-Square of Indianapolis, has developed a product called “RememberStuff” that will assist seniors with early dementia to retain their independence, develop a plan to organize their daily living skills and remain in their homes longer. The product is designed to use today’s technology in an easy to use computer screen format to help the user ‘remember’ those things that allows them to engage and enjoy family and the community around them. 

Eperture is seeking candidates for a small pilot of 20 participants that live in elderly housing and those living independently at home or with family members. If you are interested in being a member of this pilot study to test the functional ease of use, the operational efficiency of ordering on-line and assess the value of the units to the senior population, please enroll in the PILOT directly online on the website. If you have specific questions related to the pilot, please contact the RememberStuff call center at 855-771-1976.  In addition, if you have product specific questions you may also contact Mary Ellen Mullholand, RN at Eperture: 812-375-4647 for more information. Additional information about Eperture and RememberStuff can be found at the Eperture product website: or 

Company History:

CyberMetrix Healthcare Systems, LLC, a division of CyberMetrix of Columbus was formed in November 2009, to expand the CyberMetrix’ market base.  Jack Riester, a VP at CyberMetrix, and Christine Mullholand, CEO of CyberMetrix, were the initial co-founders, leaders and executive sponsors for the new company.  In 2011, the new company changed its name to Eperture, LLC.
During 2010 and 2011, Eperture assessed the market, built a prototype of its first product, “RememberStuff”, and began defining a second product, “DocStuff”.  Jack Riester passed away in 2014 and as a result product design and progress stalled.  During that same period, Christine was focused on the sale of CyberMetrix.  Eperture remained dormant until the sale of the CyberMetrix ownership in Eperture was finalized in October 2015.  Christine Mullholand sold CyberMetrix in February 2016, releasing funds to dedicate once again to Eperture’s development cycle.
Since the purchase of its CyberMetrix’ ownership, Eperture, in June 2016, has hired a full-time president, Mary Ellen Mullholand, RN, MBA and opened a local office at 4070 25th Street, Columbus, Indiana. In the last 18 months, Eperture and the technology team of Inverse Square have refreshed the original RememberStuff technology, modified the screens and enhanced user accessibility. The RememberStuff product will be ready for release to the national market early 2018 following the completion of the two proof of concept pilots.

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