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Lemonade Bros Tumblers Fundraiser

Exciting News! Get your hands on our exclusive limited-edition Lemonade Bros Tumbler!

Designed with the Bros., and a QR code unlocking a special message from the Lemonade family. 

  • Limited Supply - 100 tumblers only!
  • Every purchase includes an endless flow of our zesty signature lemonade. 
  • All this goodness for $99 per tumbler!
The funds raised from this initiative will be directed toward procuring a small pop-up concession trailer and upgrading our equipment. These enhancements are crucial for us to improve production, ensure community health standards, and bolster our homemade product venture. With the new equipment, we aim to streamline our processes, from production to marketing and serving, enabling us to scale our operations effectively. This expansion will not only increase revenue but also empower us to make a more significant contribution to our community and host free public events.

Contact the Lemonade Bros at or go online at